Our Volunteers


Our garden was in need of some TLC (weeding and cleaning). Twelve volunteers came together on the weekend (June 25th) putting it into shape so that residents and their families can now enjoy some outdoor visiting.

Volunteer Gardeners

Our Thanks To:

  • Anna Wang
  • Ellen Fung
  • Eddie Mau
  • Louisa Zebic
  • Vicky and Tony Low with Grandson William Low
  • Esther and Athene Wong
  • Julia and Don Lacy
  • Sue Browne


Our community came together when we really needed support. After a long period of our residents receiving no visitors due to the COVID pandemic, we needed to screen visitors to ensure they met the rules set out by Island Health for the safety and health of residents and staff. This team of greeters ensured family members could visit the centre six days per week from July 26 to October 30 -2021.

Our Heartfelt Thanks to Ellen and Gayle who organized this list of wonderful Greeters


Jackie Andrews

Emerito Aro

Cassie Bevis

Gayle Chong

Ellen Fung

Tony Joe

Julia Lacy

Louise Lam

Jo-Ann Lee

Margaret Lee

Frances Leung

Pauline Lin

Eddie Mau

Raymond Mew

Amanda Mills

Sabrina Orton



Deb Owens

Judy Phillips

Susanne Phillips

Michelle Sue

Sarah Sue

Faye Thome

Charlayne Thornton-Joe

Phil Thornton-Joe

Halenia Truong

Anna Wang

Athene Wong

Grace Wong

Joanne Wong

Keith Yeung

Wan Jia  Yu

Sarah Yuen