Apply For Admission

Long Term Care Program

If your personal care needs and health issues present a challenge for living in your own home, you may wish to consider long-term care which may be a safer option. You may apply to Island Health for the Long Term Care Program, and choose the Victoria Chinatown Care Centre as your preferred facility. All potential clients are assessed by a Case Manager from Island Health.

Case Managers can be reached at:

    Victoria and South Island: 1-888-533-2273

    Central Island  and Nanaimo: 1-877-734-4101

    North Island: 1-866-928-4988

For more detailed information:

The Case Manager will assess your health care needs, coordinate home and community care services, and determine eligibility for long term care. The Case Manager confirms that you (or your family member) meet the criteria for admission and whether our care home is appropriate for your care needs.