Our Gratitude


Monetary Donations From Our Generous Partners In Care

  1. Another from Betty Pang saying “Thanks For Good Work”
  2. Theresa Chen in memory of her mother Kwok Lai and with thanks to the staff who cared for her so well.
  3. Nora Morel in memory of Mei Wong.  “I have wonderful memories of Mei”
  4. Renee Morel in memory of Mei Wong.  “My condolences to the family”
  5. Betty Pang saying “Thanks for the wonderful service at the Centre”
  6. Victoria Chinatown Lioness Club for Christmas gifts for residents
  7. Harry’s  Flowers – We are grateful for the flower donations over the past two years
  8. Lorne, Linda, Kerry, Christopher, and Nicole Chan in memory of Lillian Chan
  9. Anna Wang in memory of Catherine Wang
  10. Ben Mai and family in memory of Shang Mai
  11. Fisgard Market
  12. Henry and Ann Louie in memory of Lillian Chan
  13. Joan Lee, Ed & Debra Mar, Rick and Wanda Lum in memory of Lillian Chan
  14. Henry Hong in memory of Lillian Chan
  15. Beverley Chan in memory of Lillian Chan
  16. Denise and Terry Chan in memory of Lillian Chan
  17. Wayne and the Mew Family of Victoria – In loving memory of Lillian Chan – “Rest In Peace.”
  18. Adelia Godwin
  19. Willow, Karli & Ian Reeve in memory of  “Auntie Ashley Haddow”
  20. Sammy Low
  21. Victoria Chinatown Lioness Club
  22. Victoria Chinese Community Association
  23. Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association
  24. Jade Phoenix Club
  25. Victoria Chinese Ladies Club

The following have kindly donated face masks during this difficult time:

  1. Angela Fan Nanaimo Chinese Cultural Society: FUN, Jing Li, Xiao Wen Blom, Rebeca Yu.
  2.  Daycome Pharmaceutical LTD.- Jiujiu Zhang(张久久)
  3. Ocean Lu
  4. Qya
  5. Yolanda
  6. Tuntun
  7. Kiki
  8. Shadow Dream Volunteers Team
  9. VI Weekly (岛报)
  10. Pasike New Material Limit Company (帕斯科新型材料有限公司)
  11. Lijie Yang(杨丽杰)
  12. Yuhang Wang(王宇航
  13. Yu Gao (高毓
  14. Lanlin Bu
  15. Lishuang Chen
  16. Chenxuan Diao(刁晨轩)
  17. Siwen Hao(郝思雯)
  18. Yun Wang(王云)
  19. Qian Li
  20. Daiqi Xu(许岱琦)
  21. Yawen Deng
  22. Bunny
  23. Anonymity(好心人)
  24. Julia Xu
  25. Jiaqi Wang(王嘉琪)


We gratefully acknowledge these donors to the Victoria Chinatown Care Society, which is a Registered Charity #108172156 RR0001. As a service society composed of volunteers, we so appreciate your trust and support of our ongoing projects.   

We are also grateful for all the dedication and hard work from the board members of the Victoria Chinatown Care Foundation. You have played a major role behind our success in all those years.

Currently, your donations help us provide more activities, entertainment and services for our residents and day program seniors, as well as improving their environment.  Our gardens are tended by volunteers and supplied by our donors. Thank you for helping us provide the best possible care and environment for our elders.


Time – Skills – Good Energy – Love From Our Wonderful Volunteers

  1. Gilbert Cheung – Music and Singing
  2. Peter and Isme Liem – Music and Singing
  3. Grace Suen – Mahjong
  4. Rose Lum- Mahjong
  5. Keith Yeung – Walking and Companionship
  6. John Gao – Erhu Music
  7. Pauline Lin – Church Group
  8. Anthony Wong & Teresia Lee – Chinese Crafts & Origami
  9. Joshua Eng – Mahjong and Companionship
  10. Christopher Eng – One-on-one activities with individual resident
  11. Yen Yen (Sammi) Wong – One-on-one activities with individual resident
  12. Maxime Fortin – Exercise, Chair Yoga
  13. Brooke’s Westshore High School Students (Nikki Ching Ho, Natalie Tog, Sum Yi Carissa Xwan, Mary Ye Yuan) Painting, Crafts, Singing
  14. Nancy Louis – Lion Dancing Group
  15. Dr. Anna Wang – Dental work
  16. Linda Chang – Dental work