Resident Activities And The Volunteer Program

We are in the process of reinvigorating day-to-day activities for residents at Victoria Chinatown Care Centre (VCCC) We have Amelia Antonio, our Activity Worker who provides some activities for residents on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In addition, our Music Therapist Leslie Pite, performs on Tuesdays and Fridays. Residents continue to enjoy and participate in listening to music or creative activities on a daily basis.

Group Activities for residents at VCCC have largely been absent for two years, given the number of essential COVID-19 Protocols ordered and efforts to keep residents in Long Term Care throughout BC as protected as possible.

Since April 2022, activities for residents include: drawing, painting, gardening, pet visiting, colouring, Special Day activities, monthly birthday parties, Mahjong, light exercise with or without rackets; and stretching. All activities are based on the abilities and interests of our residents. Most of these activities occur in the Dining Room.

However, to accomplish a full and robust program we need your assistance! – we need Volunteers with focused skills, interests and abilities.


How To Become A Volunteer

As you might understand, we want to ensure that the Volunteers who are sanctioned to be in the building and are close to residents; are required to be healthy and safe. So the process of becoming a Volunteer involves a commitment to the application process and a pledge to Volunteering at VCCC for at least 6 months.
VCCC is inviting members in our external community to return to the Centre or join the Centre for what might be their first time for Volunteering.

If you are a student, peer, community member and are interested in conversation with residents, walking residents, various games, gardening or other specified interests and activities that you might possess, please connect with us by completing the form attached to each volunteer opportunities listed below.

Potential Volunteers must complete the application form, agree to a Criminal Record Check, provide Human Resources with two positive references, a recent TB test, vaccination record and be prepared to commit at least 6 months.