Resident Activities And The Volunteer Program

If you are a student, musician, gardener, community member or someone who has special talents to offer as our residents reconnect with favourite and familiar music, games and activities, we invite you to apply to volunteer. Our volunteers provide conversation (in Mandarin or Cantonese) for our residents, accompany residents on neighborhood walks, participate in various games, activities and exercises with our residents, and help maintain our courtyard garden.


How To Become A Volunteer

The BC provincial government outlines the requirements for volunteers in long term care sites. It can take several weeks to complete the background checks and provide other required information for volunteer applicants. Because of this time commitment for both you and us to complete the volunteer application process we ask for a commitment to volunteer at the Centre for at least 6 months.

For next steps, interested volunteers must: 

  • Complete the application form {provide link to form},
  • Submit a criminal record check {provide link to form}, 
  • Provide two references {provide link to form}, 
  • Submit proof of a recent TB test {provide link to TB test site info I have a PDF if you need it},
  • Provide COVID and influenza vaccination records

** Please note that we will submit and pay for the criminal record check and we will reimburse for TB tests as necessary.