Visitation Update

As of Monday, November 1, visiting hours will be extended to include 3 visits to the Centre per week with one family designate. 

If you choose to change the family member designate identified in our records please do so. We will keep it recorded.

 Visiting hours will continue to be from 1:30 – 4:30 on Tuesdays – Saturdays. 

 As previously noted Visiting hours details include: 

  •         There will be one designated family member as visitor per resident;
  •         Each resident can have 3 visits per week;
  •         Visitors can stay for a period of two hours at VCCC in the resident’s room;
  •         All bookings for visiting inside the Centre will be arranged two days in advance;
  •         All visitors will wear masks to enter the facility;
  •         All visitors will change their mask once entering the facility;
  •         All visitors will immediately sanitize their hands well;
  •         All visitors will practice social distancing while in the centre;
  •         All visitors will remain within their loved one’s room;
  •         Visitor sanitization of hands inside VCCC will be monitored by staff;
  •         No visitors will use the elevator at the same time that staff and/or other residents use the elevator;
  •         A greeter will open the door and ask you a series of screening questions required by the Provincial Health Officer and Ministry of Health in all Long Term Care Facilities in BC.

In addition to Visiting Hours within the Centre, you can also pre-plan two Outings per week with your loved one.  The Family designate is the person who can escort their loved one from the building.  To set up and pre-plan your request for Family Outings, you can e-mail and this mailbox will be checked once daily at  9:30 a.m. 

 Family Outings will occur between Tuesdays and Saturdays and we suggest that you and the resident: 

  •         Choose a maximum of two Outings per week by the family member designate;
  •         The timing ‘out’ and ‘in’ will be pre-planned by you;
  •         Wear masks in public spaces;
  •         Avoid large unmonitored areas;
  •         Sanitize your loved ones hands well and frequently;
  •         Practice social distancing;
  •         Sign Disclosure documentation evidencing that you are taking responsibility for your loved one while outside Victoria Chinatown Care Centre.

Should you have any questions about the visitation program and family outings, please contact .

 We will do our best to respond to these inquiries and book on-site visits as much as possible. 

 We will continue to expand the visiting hours and social outings for residents to enable you to stay connected with your loved one.

 Thank you for your patience with staff during our phased-in approach to VCCC’s Visiting hours and Family Outings. 

 The staff at VCCC will enable socializing and quality of life of your loved ones wherever possible.   


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