Staying In Touch With Family


In this challenging time of COVID-19, Victoria Chinatown Care Centre has had to close its doors to visitors in order to keep our residents safe.

If you feel the need to connect with your family member face-to-face. VCC has set up a Zoom video conferencing system so that you can communicate with your family member via the centre’s tablet.

You can connect using a variety of devices at your end:

  1. Your desktop computer that is equipped with microphone, speakers and Webcam and has the Zoom program downloaded.
  2. Your laptop that has a built-in camera, microphone and speakers and the Zoom program downloaded.
  3. Your tablet or phone that has the Zoom app downloaded.

Visit the Zoom website ( and sign up using your main email address. This program is free and can be loaded on your desktop or laptop. This will be useful for connecting with other friends and family as well.

When you are ready, send our Director of Care, Ramneet Sandhu a message ( letting her know which resident you wish to visit with virtually. If you wish to host the Zoom meeting Ramneet will need to receive the link and appropriate time from you. If you are unable to host the meeting, she will set it up and send you the link for connecting with the VCC Zoom and let you know what time to be available.




  1. 座枱電腦


  1. 筆記型電腦


  1. Zoom程序已下載在平板電腦或手提電話

請參看Zoom 網站( 並可用您電子郵件地址註册。此程序是免費及很有用的, 您可以安裝在座枱及筆記電腦上以便與家人及朋友通訊。

當您準備好後,請用電郵通知本院護理總監 Ramneet Sandhu ( 你想與家人作視像對話。如果您想開啓視像對話, Ramneet就需要知道怎樣及何時聯絡您。如您無法安排视像對話, Ramneet 將會部署適當時間,並會發送Zoom的連接(link)以便聯系。

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