Preventing Heat Stress For The Elderly

We thought you would be comforted to know the following message that we recently forwarded to all VCC Staff:

Preventing Heat Stress For The Elderly

We need to take care to keep our residents comfortable.  Following are some things that you can do to keep our space as cool as possible:

  • During the day, close all windows and drapes, especially on the south side;
  • If it is very warm upstairs, consider bringing the resident down to the multi-purpose areas where it is cooler;
  • During the late evening and night.  Open windows.
  • Make use of tabletop fans (some can be found in the basement) for rooms that are very warm.
  • When speaking to families, mention that it would help us if they bring in a small fan for their resident;
  • Set the fan so that it does not blow directly on the resident, just so that the air in the room keeps moving;
  • Offer fluids frequently;
  • Check resident temperatures frequently.  If the temp goes above 38 °  C, seek help;
  • If you need advice, check with Marlene Montgomery at Emergency Response, VIHA.  Tel. 250.886-3003

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

  • Remember to take a break and hydrate frequently;
  • Take your own temperature frequently;
  • Use the same window, drapery guidelines at home so that you are able to get a good night’s sleep.

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