President’s Message to Staff

President’s message to staff thanking them for a great year and mentioning some upcoming plans for 2020. Scroll down for English message









Dear Victoria Chinatown Care Centre (VCCC) Staff,

 As the year is ending soon, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of your Board to thank you for your hard work and support throughout this year. Without your strong support and dedication for the care of our residents, we would not be able to deliver the good care that our residents deserved. Because of your effort, our Centre has received the Certificate of Accreditation this year. This certification is indeed evidence of your excellent effort. I apologize that I am currently away from Victoria and not able to deliver this message to you in person, which I would prefer to do. However, I am looking forward to meeting you all in person. 

 As your new 2019-2020 Board, we have already implemented and planning for a number of initiatives that we anticipate would help to bring in a brighter and safer work environment as well as specific attention on the care, programs and services to our residents. Your Board has approved in November the organizational changes that would allow the Administrator to focus solely on VCCC’s overall administrative tasks and the Director of Care to dedicate her time and effort into working with our care team staff to provide care to our residents. With the support of the Foundation Board and our generous donors, we are planning to make a number of enhancements to the facility in the new year. Your Board will also be meeting early in the new year to identify and confirm a number of strategic initiatives to help move us forward. Our goal is to have the best work environment for our staff and deliver the best care possible to our residents.

We hope to continue to receive your strongest support in the upcoming year so that we can work together to make VCCC the best possible workplace and home for our residents.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and have a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year, 

John Cheung

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