Our Community


We have the capacity for 31 residents and approximately 20 Adult Day Program attendees. VCCC is a place our residents call home,  where they can feel safe, well cared for and respected. We consider the needs of our residents, families and caregivers from a holistic perspective, recognizing that it is not merely the physical space that needs to be comfortable and home-like, but also the social and cultural environment.  We recognize that to enhance their quality of life at this stage, we need to consider each resident as an individual with unique needs. Regardless of race, religion, personal philosophy, gender, sexual orientation or social condition, we believe in the dignity, worth, rights and responsibilities of each person in our care. We believe that ageing and dying are part of the human experience and that residents in our care have the right to age in place.

At VCCC, residents are able to live with their culture, their language, and their heritage intact.  At a time when for many seniors, communicating can be difficult due to language barriers, hearing loss, or dementia, having caregivers who understand and support their desire to live with dignity is so important.  Families are welcome to visit at any time, as we understand the importance of these bonds. We strive to maintain and continuously improve our culturally sensitive care community that supports and enhances the quality of life for our residents.

Family Advisory Council

The Family Advisory Council is made up of family members (or guardians) of current and former residents of VCCC, Board Members, and members of Chinese associations.   This Council advocates for the residents and works collaboratively with the Care Team to provide the highest quality of care for our loved ones.

Family members are welcome and encouraged to participate in regularly scheduled meetings.


Our volunteers enhance the quality of life of our residents in a multitude of ways.  For example, our volunteers

  • sing and dance (literally)
  • play traditional Chinese music
  • sing beautiful Chinese songs
  • tell wonderful stories
  • play Mahjong with our residents
  • provide dental services
  • help us fundraise
  • organize events for the residents.

Our volunteers believe that it feels good to give back to our community and realize what a difference it can make for the senior whose life is enhanced, and for themselves. Join us and meet others like you.  You can find more details about our Volunteer Program here.

The Foundation

The Victoria Chinatown Care Foundation is the funding arm for the Victoria Chinatown Care Centre, fundraising for those needs that are not covered by government funding. It is governed by its own independent Board of Directors. It fundraises for endowments to support the future work of the Chinatown Care Centre and for the future needs of the local Chinese community.