Changes to Social Visitation

Restrictions on social visitation have been in place since March 2020. With the added layer of protection provided by vaccinations, it has been deemed an appropriate time to ease these restrictions to support safe social connections.

Starting April 1, the following changes will be in place:

  • All residents will be allowed regular, frequent, and routine opportunities for social visitation. 
  • The “single designated social visitor” restriction will be removed, allowing additional family and friends to visit. 
  • The number of visitors will be expanded, allowing up to two visitors, plus a child (defined as 18 or younger) at any one time.
  • Visits will be allowed to be made in the resident’s room, or on outings with no requirement for isolation afterwards. 
  • Visits must allow for a minimum of 60 minutes (they must be booked in advance). 
  • Visitors will be asked only to visit with one resident at a time, and to limit their group activities. 
  • Physical contact—including hugging—will be allowed, provided visitors wear a mask and follow proper prevention, infection control procedures (i.e. hand washing and cough etiquette). 
  • Visitors must ensure there is someone to lock the front door behind them.

See BC’s New Rules in Detail

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