New Mask Rules

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With a recent increase in cases, masks for all staff in Long-term Care and Assisted Living must be reintroduced regardless of immunization status. All staff must wear a medical-grade mask when in a facility and anywhere healthcare is provided.  Mask use for visitors is currently under review and further communication will be forthcoming. Read New Instructions

Great Support From Our Community

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With the recent change in visitor rules, and the new Greeter Screening Program coming into play, we did not have the staff to cover the front door constantly.  So the Board Members of our Society got on the phone and lined up a host of volunteers to come in and greet the steady flow of visitors.   We have a roster of people who are signed up for three shifts per day, seven days per week for the coming month.  Some volunteers are from the Board, the Foundation and various other Chinese community organizations. They are fully vaccinated and are aware … Read more

Screening Information

VCC Door Sign saying we must ask questions

Here are the instructions provided by the province: Greeters will be placed at the front entrance of all LTC sites to actively screen all staff and visitors, support hand hygiene with alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR), provide medical-grade masks and obtain information for contact tracing, including vaccination status. The questions we must ask every person every time they visit: Are you under order to quarantine after travel outside of Canada? Have you been told to self-isolate by public health following a close contact exposure, lab result or symptoms? Are you experiencing any symptoms of respiratory or gastro-intestinal illness (even if mild)? … Read more

Changes To Visitation Rules

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July 8th, 2021, marked an exciting day for residents and visitors of Long-term Care and Seniors’ Assisted Living homes with the announcement of changes in visiting programs in Island Health.

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Preventing Heat Stress For The Elderly

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We thought you would be comforted to know the following message that we recently forwarded to all VCC Staff: Preventing Heat Stress For The Elderly We need to take care to keep our residents comfortable.  Following are some things that you can do to keep our space as cool as possible: During the day, close all windows and drapes, especially on the south side; If it is very warm upstairs, consider bringing the resident down to the multi-purpose areas where it is cooler; During the late evening and night.  Open windows. Make use of tabletop fans (some can be found … Read more