Contract Professionals

Occupational Therapy Team:

Melissa Lee, Engage Therapy advises on Resident mobility issues and needs.
Lauren Gudavicius, OT
Rachel Modjeski, OT
Alexa Purdie, OT
Kelsea Hughes, Rehab Assistant

Melissa Lee


Tiffany Rusch, provides technical knowledge of the nutritional needs of our Residents.

Social Worker:

Susan Ko supports Resident families with her extensive knowledge of the Health Care system.

Susan Ko

Music Therapist:

Leslie Pite performs on Tuesdays and Fridays. Residents continue to enjoy and participate in listening to music.

Music Therapist Lesley


Kendrick Chung handles all the centre’s Financials.

Website Developer:

LowellAnn Fuglsang designs and maintains our website.

LowellAnn Fuglsang