2022 Visitor Guidance

Chinatown Care Centre is now accepting two types of visitors – Essential Visitors and Social Visitors.

In order to visit we are asking visitors to do the following:

  1. Complete either the essential or social visitor form (See attached forms)
  2. Book appointments with the centre via email as we need to know who is in the building at all times and limit the number of people to maintain social distancing and fire safety requirements;
  3. Understand that mandatory rapid testing will be done immediately after the visitors are screened (so after they wash their hands, change their mask, temp check and are asked those 3 questions)
  4. Rapid tests take 30 mins and will be completed by a trained representative of the facility – this may be Asst. Director of Care, a Nurse, a Greeter.

 Visitors will be instructed on how to obtain a sample by inserting a swab 0.5 inches into each nostril. Then they will be required to wait 15-20 mins in a designated visitor area and can only proceed into the building following a NEGATIVE Rapid COVID 19 Antigen Test. This is directed by the Ministry of Health.  Families must go directly into their resident’s room and must wear a mask at all times.

If Essential or Social Visitors refuse to have Rapid Antigen test for VOCID-19 upon entrance, they will be refused entry to VCCC

This is a very challenging time and we thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding.

Social Visitor FormEssential Visitor Form

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